“Women are very different to men, anatomically and physiologically thus, PPE provided for WIM needs to be aligned with their body structures and should be based upon female anthropometric data”. Prof Zungu, UNISA. “If the potential to reduce incidents and increase productivity can be associated to the availability and use of appropriate fitting PPE, then employers should have extra motivation to provide it”. SHE PPE

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With years behind us in the trade it is not just us that believe but our customers also, that we are the best. We are proud to say that we have may happy clients who remain loyal and are our ambassadors. Our trained staff are constantly upgraded with key skill so that we may be of better service to our clients. We invest in our staff so that you can be assured of the best in service. We hire people who do what they love and makes sure they love where they work. This passion is evident in our culture, work environment , and most importantly...our services.

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We have hundreds of happy clients who are our ambassadors. You can rest assured you will get a sterling recommendation from any one of them.